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How to count NAS BTU Generally Thecus NAS 1W about 4.265BTU/hr (Redundant power 4.2652BTU/hr ), thus we could converter from watt from power supply, also we could found the power supply specification from NAS specification: [http:/...
N2800 / N4800 / N8900 / N8900V / N12000 / N12000V / N16000 / N16000V UPS List
UPS list for N2200, N4100PRO, N4200, N0503
UPS compatibility list UPS supported after firmware 2.xx.xx. Firmware 2.xx.xx N5200, N5200PRO, 1U4500
UPS List for N5500, N7700, N7700SAS, N7700PRO, N7700+, N8800, N8800SAS, N8800PRO, N8800+, 1U4600