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How to access data if NAS out of order or end of life?

1. Contact with your reseller, distributor or Thecus office for RMA request directly. And following reseller/distributor/office link for your reference:

2. Thecus NAS support RAID roaming between same OS series, thus could roaming RAID HDD to another unit for data access.

3. Boot RAID HDD from Fedora live USB/DVD/CD from PC, and provide SSH connection for Thecus staff assemble the RAID for you to backup. (But iSCSI DATA not included) (N2310, N4310 not included)

4. Contact Thecus Branch office and ship HDDs for our staff help you to backup or migrate data. (But could have additional labor charge)

5. Refer following FAQ to assemble old RAID on OS5 X64 NAS:

6. Arrange OS5 x64 NAS for RAID ROAMING function or provide SSH connection for we assemble the RAID for you to backup on another RAID volume in the same NAS or USB/SAMBA/FTP/etc. external backup.  (But iSCSI DATA not included)

7. If my HDD, RAID, NAS or SAN is damaged or failed, what should I do to get my data?

If your HDD manufacturer offers a data recovery service plan, please purchase this in advance. For example, the Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Plan.

If your HDD manufacturer does not offer this option, you may contact a third-party data rescue/recovery lab for help. For example, DriveSavers offers laboratory and remote RAID data recovery services globally for Thecus customers.

Please contact DriveSavers at 1.800.440.1904 or anytime 24x7 for immediate assistance. They offer FREE shipping, FREE evaluations, and the most secure and reliable data recovery services available. In addition, DriveSavers *offers a 10% discount for all Thecus customers and 27% discount for Education, Government or Non-Profit customers.

*The final discounts will be determined by DriveSaver


Thecus RAID roaming table

RAID ROAMING - How to access OS5 X32 RAID data from OS5 X64 system V0.1 

Three ways to publish the NAS on the internet for Thecus to access and analysis

如果NAS故障且已停產, 如何取回陣列資料?

NAS送修, 請連絡台灣維修中心送修 0910-530-800, 等NAS送修回來, 再將HDD放回NAS應該可以正常存取資料

2. Thecus NAS
支援相同OS系列間的陣列移轉, 因此可以把陣列硬碟移轉到相同OS的NAS上存取資料.

將陣列硬碟接在一般PC上用 Fedora USB/DVD/CD 開機, 並提供SSH 連線讓Thecus工程師遠端組回陣列, 讓您可以把資料拷貝出來 (此方式不適用iSCSI 資料) (N2310, N4310 不適用)

連絡 Thecus 總公司, 把硬碟寄到Thecus 總公司, 讓工程師協助備份或移轉資料(此服務會有額外的救援費用)

參考以下文件在OS5 X64機型NAS上組回舊陣列:

6. 準備另一台 Thecus OS5 x64 機型NAS, 使用RAID ROAMING功能, 或是提供SSH 連線讓Thecus工程師遠端組回陣列, 讓您可以把資料拷貝出來 (此方式不適用iSCSI 資料)

7. 找資料救援公司做資料救援

Thecus RAID 陣列移轉表列

RAID ROAMING - How to access OS5 X32 RAID data from OS5 X64 system V0.1 


如果NAS故障且已停产, 如何取回阵列数据?

1. 将NAS送修, 请连络维修中心送修, 等NAS送修回来, 再将HDD放回NAS应该可以正常存取数据
邹 勇 上海昂兴信息技术有限公司
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2. Thecus NAS 支持相同OS系列间的阵列移转, 因此可以把阵列硬盘移转到相同OS的NAS上存取数据.

3. 将阵列硬盘接在一般PC上用 Fedora USB/DVD/CD 开机, 并提供SSH 联机让Thecus工程师远程组回阵列, 让您可以把数据拷贝出来 (此方式不适用iSCSI 数据) (N2310, N4310 不适用)

4. 连络 Thecus 总公司, 把硬盘寄到Thecus 总公司, 让工程师协助备份或移转资料(此服务会有额外的救援费用)

5. 参考以下文件在OS5 X64机型NAS上组回旧阵列:

6. 准备另一台 Thecus OS5 x64 机型NAS, 使用RAID ROAMING功能, 或是提供SSH 联机让Thecus工程师远程组回阵列, 让您可以把数据拷贝出来 (此方式不适用iSCSI 数据)

7. 找数据救援公司做数据救援

Thecus RAID 阵列移转表列

RAID ROAMING - How to access OS5 X32 RAID data from OS5 X64 system V0.1 


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