N4310 OS6 build stable USB upgrade
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N4310 OS6 build 867 (since 2015/Jun/25)

A. Download ZIP file from:
B. Please unzip to an empty USB driver root folder.
C. Power N2310/N4310 off and eject all HDD out of NAS.
D. Plug USB driver on NAS.
E. Power NAS up and wait about 7~14 mins.
F. Since update completed and system would reboot by itself.
G. Search N4310 from N2310/N4310 Thecus Intelligent NAS ( pick N2310/N4310 and next to SHUTDOWN.
*N2310/N4310 OS6 have 2 copy OS from NAS internal flash & RAID/JBOD HDD, this update for NAS internal flash only.
**If can't update or unsuccessful, please provide the LOG file from USB driver for your tech staff to check for you.

Examples: USB root.
│  mtd-utils-1.4.3-1.1.t2.ppc.rpm
│  N4310_OS6.0.867.t2.bin
│  N4310_OS6.0.867.t2.bin.md5
│  nas_img-tools-1.1.5-1.t1.i686.rpm
│  nas_img-tools-1.1.5-1.t2.ppc.rpm
│  USB_UPGRADE_GUIDE_N4310_OS6.0.867.t2.txt

    │  setting.conf
    │  upgrade.conf
    │      dd
    │      du
    │      md5sum
    │      sha256sum
    │      Elecom_V1.00_rpms-md5.list
    │      N2310_OS6.build_769.t2_rpms-md5.list


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