How to count NAS BTU
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How to count NAS BTU

Generally Thecus NAS 1W about 4.265BTU/hr (Redundant power 4.2652BTU/hr ), thus we could converter from watt from power supply, also we could found the power supply specification from NAS specification: -> Linux NAS -> and choose you model.

If you can't found you NAS mode please choose from -> Linux NAS -> Archive or

EX1: N8900 specification about redundant power supply 500W or more, and should less than 700W depend on shipment condition, thus N8900 BTU will be:

1U4600-S single power is 200W = 200x4.265=853BTU/hr.
1U4600-R redundant power is 250W = 200x4.2652=1066.3BTU/hr.


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