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i8500 Firmware v1.0.8
Posted by - NA - on 15 November 2010 18:00
i8500 Firmware v1.0.8

1. Add F/W version in export file.
2. Add an option to download MIB files from Web-UI.
3. Add a Fahrenheit (°F) option on temperatures.
4. Add trunking & LACP function on i8500.
5. Change the health of VD from "Partially optimal" to "Optimal" after pass the parity check.
6. Extend the non-continuous space in RG in the same time when user wants to use all rest space for a new VD.
7. Add a warning level event “WARNING: Failed to send event to xxx@mail “when the mail is not sent successfully.
8. Add new item into MIB files.
9. Add BOOTP support on management port.
10. Add Raid Group "Move" function. This feature provides to “Move” the member disks of Raid Group to completely different disks.

 Thecus_i8500_1.0.8_201009212000.bin (3.46 MB)
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