How to remove Windows saved network password
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How to remove Windows saved network password

If NAS IP at, since we type \\ to enter NAS_public folder and no any account & password need as an anonymous login, but Windows would presave this permission, it is unable to login other ACL/unpublic folder and no dialog for user to type account name & password, thus if you went to access other ACL folder please refer to following options or PDF files:

1. If you map netwrok folder alrady, please right click this folder and choose DISCONNECT.
2. WINDOWS KEY+R => cmd => net use => "net use * /d" or "net use REMOTE_IP_AND_PATH* /d”
3. Control Panel => User Accounts and Family Safety => User Accounts => Manage Credentials => Windows Credentials => Remove from vault => Yes.
4. Log out Windows.
5. Reboot PC or NB.
6. Create an user account in Windows.

 20160714_How_to_remove_Windows10_saved_network_password_v1.1.pdf (629.24 KB)
 20120504_Three_ways_to_remove_Windows7_saved_network_password.pdf (807.37 KB)
 3ways to remove Windows XP saved network password.pdf (233.73 KB)
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