OS6 NAS support WOL & auto(always) power on?
Posted by Yvon Lei on 05 August 2015 15:10

OS6 NAS support WOL & auto (always) power on?



N2310 unsupport WOL & auto (always) power on.


N4310 support WOL, but unsupport auto (always) power on.


N2520/N2560/N4520/N4560 support WOL & auto (always) power on.



How to configure N2520 N2560 N4520 N4560 power status (OS6)

The N2520 N2560 N4520 N4560 doesn’t link X86 PC have BIOS to manage the power status after power break, but the MB have a jumper at location J16 to configure as default or always on:


J16 Pin 1-2 -> Button on (default).


J16 Pin 2-3 -> Always on



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