[1U4200XXX / 1U4500 / 1U4600 / N5200 / N5200PRO / N5200XXX / N5500 / N7700 series / N8200XXX / N8800 series] I forgot admin password, how could I do? (LCM)
Posted by - NA - on 21 April 2015 16:21

Please try the following steps to reset to factory default from LCM.

Loading factory defaults won't affect the data stored inside the NAS, but you will have to reconfigure network settings, administrator password, user/groups, language setting, system notification setting, and time zone setting etc….

   1. Press [←┘] button, you will see LCD shows "Enter Password"
   2. Press [←┘] button for 4 times, you will see the LCD shows "0000" and then display
      Setup Menu [5/1]
      WAN Setting
      * If you have changed the default password "0000", you may enter the correct password here.
   3. Press [▼] button for 2 times, you will see the LCD shows
      Setup Menu [5/4]
      Reset to Default
   4. Press [←┘] button to enter "Reset to Default" menu.
   4. Press [▼] button to choose "Yes"
   5. Press [←┘] button to confirm the action.

After above, the WAN IP will back to default IP, and the admin's password will back to default "admin". Please tring the "Thecus Setup Wizard" application to discove the NAS and doing the IP setting.

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